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Hunting is a way of life for a Plum Creek French Brittany. We've hunted our dogs on wild birds with our clients at our hunting lodge in South Dakota for over two decades, and so the bar of expectation for the performance of all of our French brits in the field is necessarily quite high.   We researched and selected only the best to build our foundation blood lines.  And because we are serious, committed French brittany breeders, we have imported  the best French brittany blood lines in Europe to our kennels. We breed selectively and ONLY with hip certified French brittany parents. Please enter the site to explore all the info inside and here's wishing you many staunch points!! Bill and Kathy
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and other International Destinations


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of 2009 Euro Cup and Spanish Cup in Osuna, Spain

For the second year in a row Bill represented the U.S.A. at the Coupe d'Europe (Euro Cup) with the AKC's sanctioning. The Coupe was hosted this year in Osuna, Spain. Pictured with him are our dogs Ultra de la Source Aux Perdrix and Tatoo du Bois Courcol. This year Ultra received an award of Excellent in the Trial of Excellence at the Euro Cup and was awarded an EXCELLENT in the Coupe d'Spain and an Tres Bon in another field trial. Tatoo was also awarded an EXCELLENT and a Tres Bon in his competitions. These were trials held on wild birds under less than favorable conditions. We're proud of the fine showing and for the opportunity to represent the U.S.A. at these events.


Tatoo wins TRES BON


France and Czech Republic

Click on the picture for a slideshow
 of the 2008 Spring field trial trip to France and to the Czech Republic for the Euro Cup.

AKC Has posted an article about Bill's field trials in France and the Euro Cup.
Click here to read it.

Spring 2008
Bill attended the spring trials in France and came home with several more wins. He also traveled to the Czech Republic as the official representative for the U.S.A. in the Coupe d'Europe competition and are proud to announce that Tatoo won a Tres Bon there, one of only 8 dogs to win an award out of all those that competed in the Cup.

Spring 2007
We were proud to be able to compete in the Coupe de France in 2007. Only dogs who have met certain qualifications are able to compete, and Bill is the first American to compete in the French Cup. Ultra ran a strong and absolutely perfect course, we couldn't have asked for better!



Click on the picture for a slideshow
of the 2007 Spring field trial trip to France.

Click here to view a slideshow of the 2006 Spring field trial trip to France.

Click on this picture to view 2005 Spring field trial trip to France.

Click on this picture to view 2005 summer trip to France and the CEB National Exhibition.

Click here for a tour of some of the kennels in France.

Click here for the 2002 France tour.
louet.jpg (22594 bytes)
(L-R) Bill Dillon, M.Claude Martini, M. Leon Le Louet,  M.Henri Guelou.

Click here to view 2004 Spring field trial trip.
louet.jpg (16315 bytes)
Pictured are Dominique Pozo, Bill Dillon, Serge Guilbert and Leon Le Louet.