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We are proud to present "Lucky"
Adon de Plum Creek, Trialer.


Owner: Kevin Nini, New Jersey
Producer, Trainer, Handler: Bill Dillon, Plum Creek Kennels
Sire: Tatoo du Bois Courcol
Dam: Oseille du Hameau de Sorny

Lucky was bred by us at Plum Creek Kennels and has been trained solely by Bill. Bill handled Lucky in the Spring 2011 Field Trials in France and in the Fall 2012 Field Trials in France. (click here to go to the slideshow for Spring 2011).
He is pictured above with the trophy for his RCACT win.
The fall field trials in France are held on wild woodcock, partridge and wild pheasants. There are no released birds and they're on foot. Lucky's wins completed all the requirements necessary for him to get his TRIALER title. He also won an EXcellent classification in the Travail division of the breed show at Nantes.

The trial where Lucky won his RCACT.

The home on the property where the trial was run.

On deck and ready to go!

Loading up after a job well done!

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