French Brittany Spaniels from Pheasant Country

Plum Creek Kennels

Hunting is a way of life for a Plum Creek French Brittany. We've hunted our dogs on wild birds with our clients at our hunting lodge in South Dakota for over two decades, and so the bar of expectation for the performance of all of our French brits in the field is necessarily quite high.   We researched and selected only the best to build our foundation blood lines.  And because we are serious, committed French brittany breeders, we have imported  the best French brittany blood lines in Europe to our kennels. We breed selectively and ONLY with hip certified French brittany parents. Please enter the site to explore all the info inside and here's wishing you many staunch points!! Bill and Kathy
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One of our gorgeous sunsets!

Come on in and let us give you a little tour of Plum Creek Kennels!!

Roxi (left) Tess (right) at home in their favorite chair!

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Our mothers and their litters are housed in a totally separate 100x30 foot building that is a good distance away from the adult kennels and its just a few steps from our kitchen.  There is no outside "traffic" allowed inside this building.  Young pups are susceptible to various viruses that can be transmitted innocently and unknowingly, and our pups are just too precious to take chances with!  The nursery is self-contained with it's own heating system, air conditioner, water, septic, washer/dryer and sinks and carpeting on the main level.  We've even installed a couch in there so I can monitor things in comfort while the mothers are whelping and while we play with the pups!

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We feel that a well socialized pup is of prime importance and we believe the socialization process must begin from day one of their life. We put great emphasis on socializing our pups. One of the extra measures at our kennel is to begin their life in a "home" environment, where my granddaughters and I can sit on the carpet and play with them. Or we take them into the puppy playground and let them chase butterflies and romp in the grass. At the same time I'm testing and evaluating personality development, gait and movement while we revel in the pure joy only a puppy at play can inspire!
Click here for more on socialization and picking pups.


If you plan to be in our area you're more than welcome to visit.  Just give us a call ahead of time and we'll arrange our schedule for you.

When our adult dogs and started pups aren't in the house with us, they are housed in an enclosed, heated building that is 130 x 40 feet during the winter months, each in their own individual, concrete run.  Outside we have open air kennels for spring through fall, three exercise yards, bird yards, training yards, a pond for training water retrieving and a training arena, surrounded by hundred of acres of natural wild bird terrain - draws, sloughs, fields and shelter belts.

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Located in rural, south central South Dakota.  Our dogs (and us!) are fortunate in that we have hundreds of acres of prime pheasant habitat to roam right outside our front porch, and during hunting season they're hunting on thousands of acres on a daily basis!

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