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Click here to read a Crockett/Hunting Testimonial

I have never had a pup eight months old that has done as well as he has. BJ has great instincts, and handles at his age better than any other dog I've owned. I ran him this morning for about 1/2 hour on wild birds, and the only reason I didn't come home with a limit of pointed birds is because the season has yet to begin. He has a pretty pointing form. I'm sold on Plum Creek Kennels. D. Gates Hi Bill & Kathy; Josie is doing great. I have had a lot of hunting dogs since my teens, and she is the most natural hunter I've seen. We live on a lake and until the water gets real cold she beats my lab almost every time to the retrieve. Besides, she points, back and retrieves with little training other than exposure. J. West

     Bob has become the perfect pet and an instinctive hunter. Since he is just two years old, he can only get better. I have owned and hunted over many breeds and skills in my more than fifty years of upland game hunting. I can honestly say that Bob is the finest hunter and companion that I have ever had. He is my constant companion and an eager hunter. I know that I am bragging, but Bob deserves the praise.
     Bob loves the deep cover and has proved to be a superb grouse and woodcock hunter. He is fearless, but cautious and will plunge into the tag alder swamps and popal brush with equal enthusiasm. He has held points for as long as it has taken me to bust brush and sneak up on his quarry. Truly a remarkable dog!
Best, Jim and Bob 

I thought I'd share an update on a real happy, handsome year-old pup from Vanessa Ann. At 44 pounds, he's a real beaut...a powerful build and boundless energy. He's smart & learns easily...and a great disposition. 

This past bird season we went out to quail plantations 3-4 times, and he did very well, especially later in the season. He's got a great nose, and as time went by he quit chasing birds down & was holding point pretty well. A natural hunting dead. We hunted grouse a dozen times in the Appalacian Mountains of western NC...didn't move many birds, but he sure hunted strong....maybe 30 yards out - an ideal mountain range. He's plenty bold and doesn't need any encouragement to get out in the thick cover. Most grouse hunts were in the company of another hunter and 1-2 other dogs, and he works a pack strategy very well, not trailing the older dogs. Jim B.

This little girl has been Great, since we got her from you in Sept. 2008. These are from Opening Day at one of the Illinois Pheasant areas. She is a wonderful house pet / hunting partner! We named her Goldie Sioux (Dyan du Plum Creek), in honor of her being from South Dakota. With a little luck, I hope to have many, many more of these kinds of hunts in years to come, from this little ball of fire. Thank you for the great pup, from a great bloodline. Today, all those genes came out through that nose. Lance

Just wanted to say hello from New Zealand and send you a picture of Fleur and Echo.

They are both doing very well and I am very pleased with both of them. Thanks again and I'll keep you updated.

G. Crump, New Zealand

Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how the puppy is doing. She weights 18 pounds now, is healthy and is just a great dog. She plays all the time, fetches anything you throw, and is doing great with basic training. We will start her on birds next month. She is the kids best buddy, especially Tyler, the 16 month old. He throws her toys and she brings them to him for another round and they play tug with his blanket. When they get tired they both get in Dionee's bed and cuddle up. In all I couldn't wish for a better puppy! Joe H.

Dionee is in "quail school" with one of the top trainers in Texas right now and is doing great. She is scenting the birds well, pointing and retrieving (after prancing around a while) well and is eager to hunt. She could care less about the gun.

Just wanted to share with you some of Lucy's recent accomplishments.  At my club's Gun Dog Championship on March 20, she won the Top Gun event for pointing dogs, with a 4 bird run in 4 and 1/2 minutes.  She took second place in the doubles event with Kim and me with the fastest time of the day.  Unfortunately, Kim had to double shoot one of the 6 birds and the lost points from the extra shell cost us first place by a small margin. She just loves to be running afield and finding birds.

Then, the following weekend (3/25 - 3/27), she took 5th place at the Bird Dog Challenge National Championship near Minneapolis.  In doin so, she finished ahead of several National and "World" Champion dogs.

She has really matured nicely and has become a pleasure to hunt and live with. Ray M.

Kathy I just wanted to drop you a quick note, and wish you and Bill a Happy Holiday season. Kathy I also wanted to thank you for our dog Kota. Kota was a pup from Annie and Titus. Our dog was pointing as soon as I got the pup home, and is already shown that he will be a great bird dog with natural ability. Kota runs well and doesn't get tired. So far this year I have probably shot over 40 birds over this 9 month old pup , and since I don't always shoot so good he has had to make some 1/3 of a mile retrieves on some cripples that some people in our group with labs where in amazement. I will forward you some pictures at some point. Thanks again and have a great holiday season. M. Daniels, MN 

Jake is almost 7 months old now and is doing a great job. I had him out last week and his performance in the field was way beyond my highest expectation. He works with me as a team member. Your description of this breed as a "close foot hunter" could not be more accurate. Jake is always aware of where I am when he hunts. He seems to know how far to range depending on the hunting conditions. Jake is holding staunch points and rarely bumps a bird. The sound of gunfire means just one thing to Jake, time to get a bird. I can't say enough about him. Thanks for your commitment to his breed. Jake is my joy. John R., Utah

Last year you picked out a male puppy for me from the Tatoo and Roxi breeding. Buster is just over one year old now. I hunted him this year in Wisconsin on ruffed grouse and woodcock and he did a fantastic job. He demonstrated uncanny bird sense as he consistently found grouse and pointed them until I got to him. His breeding has given him tremendous natural ability. As soon as he contacts bird scent he locks up in an intense point - a great attribute in handling a bird such as ruffed grouse.
          In twenty-five years of grouse hunting I have seen a lot of dogs but never one so gifted and such a pleasure to hunt. Buster is a great testimony to your skill and commitment in breeding the French Brittany. He pointed over forty grouse, eight in one day, during my hunt in Wisconsin. I had a hard time believing what I was seeing from him every time I put him in the woods. I began to think of him as a grouse hunting machine. He retrieved every grouse and woodcock I shot for him to hand. Buster is the kind of dog who makes every time you hunt with him an incredibly enjoyable experience. Ian M., Tn.

Hi Bill and Kathy,
Ruby (originally named Spring) is now eight years old.  She is very much a family pet who happens to hunt part time.  My son, daughter and I took Ruby out yesterday on her first hunt of the season. I am always amazed how well Ruby performs in the field with little training.  When we had Ruby flown in to Maryland from Plum Creek eight years ago, I had her professionally trained for a month, and that was her last formal training in eight years.  It really is pretty special to see the wonder in your children's eyes when they see their family pet transform into a hunting machine in the field.  I asked my son what he thought of Ruby and his reply was.. "Dad, Ruby is amazing! 

My wife and I have recommended Plum Creek Kennels and the French Brittany to all our friends. Ruby has allowed me to spend some real quality time with my family over the years and for that I am grateful to you and Kathy and all the work you have done with this breed. I think Ruby and my kids may be ready for another French Brittany! All the best, Sean and Julie C, MD

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Attached is a picture of Teak, our pride and joy. He has a mischievous but adorable personality and gets along well with our other dog, Cody. He is certainly a welcomed addition to our household. But, best of all, Teak has turned out to be an exceptional gun dog. He took well to his training and conducted himself admirably in the field this fall. There were days when he had as many productive points as Cody and his points were with such intensity as to make any bird hunter proud. We were also quite pleased with the way he took to honoring Cody's points which allowed us to hunt both dogs together throughout the hunting season, and, to think that he didn't turn a year of age until after the end of the Woodcock season. Richard, N.H.

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Bill -Saturday we went chukar hunting, we didn't get into many birds but it was definitely worth the trip.   Ditto went into a draw and made a beautiful point, it was steep and rocky so it took me a while to get down there.  He held perfectly until I could get there.   There were about eight birds in the covey, I managed to get a triple and Ditto made three fantastic retrieves.  Just prior to that my friend shot a quail over his two dogs, one vizsula and a short hair.  Long story short they didn't find the bird, I took Ditto over there and he came back with the quail, six months of age.  Three months of bird season to go, and I can't wait. J.D., Idaho

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Dear Bill & Kathy, This guy is everything you said he would be! Rusty has pointed, flushed (I'm working on "whoa") and retrieved his first pheasant last week. Chukar season started on Oct. 1 and he pointed, flushed and retrieved 2 chukars. Unfortunately I missed quite a few shots in the process during the hunt or it would have been more! The brittanys hunting with us on the chukar hunt suffered with tender feet on the abrasive lava rock. Not Rusty and his coat protected him from the rough terrain and sagebrush much better than the other dogs and he is only 6 1/2 months old. He's a beauty!

Frank L., Washington

I wanted to drop you a quick note on how my puppy has progressed in the year plus I since I picked her up.  Coda has taken to training with a great attitude and show tremendous natural ability to please, hunt, and retrieve.  In her first season she hunted Blue Grouse, Sage Grouse, Sharptail Grouse, Chukar, Gambles Quail, Mearns Quail, and Pheasants. 
Coda completed her AKC Junior Hunter early this fall and was competitive in the two NSTRA trails we ran in with three finds on each course but no placements. Coda is quick to please and great in the field and as a house dog. 
Thanks for the great dog.
 Nathan J.

Dear Bill & Kathy,

I'm the proud owner of Roxanne de Plum Creek, Maggie...She loves to hunt - woodcock especially. The first bird shot over her, a pheasant, fell live and kickin 20 feet out into a river. She barely broke stride before swimming out and dragging it back. Her second junior hunt test she had 4 finds - one judge asked if she was using GPS, the other thanked me for the performance. She loves every one she meets - every one she meets loves her.
P. Cronin, Massachusetts

Dear Bill & Kathy,

We picked him up in May 2005. By September 2005 he was steady to point, wing, shot and drop, breaking on command. He honors other dogs and hunts dead as well. His range is about twice shotgun range on open ground and within shotgun range in closed cover. His check back remains strong. The dog is hunting with me and we are on pheasants. A two day hunt (wild pheasants), five birds in the bag and a good many more wild flushes fixed this dog as a pheasant hunter after his having earlier proven to be an effective covey and singles quail pointer opening week of the Missouri quail season. John W., Kansas

My pup will be 2 years old the end of this month I have been very impressed with her trainability and strong pointing instinct. She has completed her AKC JH title, has been hunting wild quail, sage grouse, forest grouse, chukar as well as some late season farm Pheasant and chukar. She has been a great dog in the house as well. Thanks, Nathan

 Chase, out of Ranger/Samba, is everything you claimed your pups to be and more! What a dynamo he is! I'm very proud of him to say the least. Chase has impressed me with his hunting energy, rock solid points and his retrieving skills. the handlers who work at the High Desert Hunt Club couldn't believe Chase was only 6 months.
Chuck R. California


Hi Bill & Kathy, Huck (from Crockett and Plum Creek Jessica) is the absolute best dog in the world! He's about 5 1/2 years old now, and has been a wonderful addition to our family. He's a great little hunter, as well as an excellent companion. We picked him up the day after my husband retired, and the two of them have been inseparable ever since! Huck is a favorite with everyone who meets him. Tom G., IL

I appreciate your efforts to produce quality dogs. Sat I took Beau by myself. He worked 2 young hens going down our ditch. I kept thinking there has to be a young cock too. Coming back the other side sure enough he got birdie and worked about a hundred and fifty yds before he disappeared over the bank. I stopped and there was silence so I figured the young cock had tired of running and thought he could hide at the bottom of the ditch. Sure enough, as I came to the top of the bank, there was Beau on point at the bottom. I said get'im Beau and he charged, flush, shot and fetch on the other side of the ditch. Just what I've been needing in IN for a long time. Thanks guys.

For the 2nd bird we worked picked corn next to a habitat. You should have been there. It was like Sat am on ESPN Outdoors. Beau worked 2 cocks down the edge of the field next to a gravel road. He knew he was close and was smart enough to creep, stop and look for me and repeat that process for about 200 yds. Got my second cock and called it a day. What a 2yr old. He gets better with each experience.
The future looks bright. F. Lay, Ind.


Just wanted to give you an update on Koda, who is now almost 18 months old. His training this summer went so well that my trainer was saying he was the best dog he trained this year and wondered where I got him. He handles woodcock very well .. and he had 6 good points on grouse on Saturday... Henry R., Vermont
Just touching base to let you know how Clay is doing (9 months old). Pheasant season is well under way here in Iowa and Clay is coming along very well. He is very birdy and has made quite a few very nice points on roosters. Bob K., Iowa

Dax is now a year old, as of Feb 11. She did a good job hunting last fall, she found 75 birds for Keith and she loves retrieving. She retreived ducks and even managed to pick up and carry a snow goose. (She wasn't going to let a lab out do her.) She's a real character and we know what you mean when you say they're almost too smart!  Keith and Sue B., Welch, Mn.