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December 15, 2001

Dear Bill & Kathy,

I've delayed writing so I could include the column I wrote about Big Spur Lodge for the Citizen's Advocate.. I also want to thank you for your caring and attentive manner in which you serve clients. Everything was first rate. Also, the way you made us feel part of your family was special. Bill the way you serve your clients in the field is commendable. Through snow, ice, thicket, shelter belt, cane and cat tails, you were always right there with us. Thanks for being a great outfitter. The birds are in the freezer and will adorn our Christmas table when baked and smoked. Many thanks to Kathy for her suggestions on how to prepare the birds.
We've told all our friends about Big Spur Lodge and your great hunts.
Bill, every time I look at my dog, I think of Crockett and how he took us through some difficult terrain and weather. What a wonderful dog! Certainly he is a testimonial to your kennels and the field training you provide.


You can click here to go to our kennel web page if you'd like to see out dogs!

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Our thanks go out to Lou for a great testimonial. We enjoyed having them with us!
(Crockett passed away December 2007, we still miss him!)