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Come Prepared
        We will be walking fields and actually hunting birds so proper fitting boots and clothing appropriate for the time of the year are a priority.

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        The weather that time of year is unpredictable most everywhere. In September during early season sharptail hunting it can be in the 90's or even hotter. October - December can bring temperatures from 60 degrees and sunny to needing heavy winter wear.  It is best to come prepared.
        We suggest dressing in layers especially during the later months of the season. Therefore, if it is a nice, warm day you can shed some layers, and add it again as the day closes. Later in the season, we suggest planning for cold weather and possible snow, but bringing a lighter coat in case the weather is mild.

Wear well-fitting boots - blisters can hamper the fun of the hunt. It's a good idea to bring an extra pair of boots in case they get wet. You may want to bring rubberized boots, whether just lower or all rubber, in case we get into wet fields. Warm socks are a must. Thermal underwear and other cold weather gear is at your discretion. We also suggest safety glasses be worn, which we provide for your use during the hunt.
        Sixty-five yard shots are not unusual in this country. We suggest bringing number 4 or 5 shot and your favorite 12 gauge shotgun.

Gear for your Dog
        You might want to bring along a tummy protector vest and boots.  If your dog is not used to wearing boots or a vest, let him wear them a few times before the hunt. You might also consider giving your dog a trim for the hunting season, especially if it's a long-haired dog.

Your License

Your license can be purchased at various retailers once you arrive. However if you'd like to purchase a license online to hunt in South Dakota click the following link:

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