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Just you, your dog and the trainer!!

There are four wild bird species seminars offered:


Sharptail & Prairie Chicken

Woodcock & Grouse in Minnesota


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All seminars are private - just you, your dog and the trainer so make your reservations early to reserve your spot!

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Our Lodge hosted the Retriever Journal's First Annual Wingshooter's Getaway. You can click picture above or on the "Magazine Articles" link to read the article in the Retriever Journal "Reflections on Late Season Roosters" by Steve Smith.

We also offer
year round, one-on-one
3 day training seminars
and monthly training of all breeds of upland bird dogs, as well as Puppy Camps!

gun dog training

gun dog training


We offer an opportunity to train your upland bird dog under actual hunting scenarios!!

An owner who has learned the techniques critical to a dog's training is able to take that knowledge home and use it to continue with the training process. A method sure to make a team out of the bird dog and the sportsman.

Click on the links to the right for info on each type of seminar.

We also offer:

Monthly gun dog training for all breeds of upland bird dogs.

Our seminars inlude:


Sharptail & Prairie Chicken

Woodcock & Grouse in Minnesota


Also, Private Off Season Seminars and Puppy Camps!!


 Check out the links for all of the Hunt and Train Seminars we offer!

We specialize in offering


For you and your dog - not offered anywhere else!

Train/Hunt seminars are training sessions that are done while we are hunting, whether that's pheasant, sharptail, grouse or woodcock. A seasoned gun dog trainer and professional guide works with you and your dog in field training and fine tuning your hunting companion! At the same time your dog is being trained and learning, you are learning with your dog. It's hands on participation for the owner so that you can continue with the skills you have been taught after you return home. It's the best method for both you and your canine buddy.

Hunt while we train your dog!!

The train and hunt seminars are all private seminars so that you and your dog get the special, individual attention you deserve.
Whether your dog is a beginner or an old pro that just needs polishing or advanced training, our packages are designed for you.

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