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Cost of Monthly Training: $850.00 per month

(There is a $150.00 fee for pickup or delivery to the Sioux Falls SD airport if required)

gun dog training

Extensive use of live birds!

  gun dog training

We also offer
year round, one-on-one
3 day training seminars
and monthly training of all breeds of upland bird dogs.

bird dog training


We take a limited number of dogs at one time. You can place a deposit to reserve a training space for your dog by clicking the link below.

gun dog training

Training All Breeds of Sporting Dogs!!

The Training Program

35+ years of bird hunting and dog training experience utilized in our training methods.
Each dog's training program is
individually designed
for him.
We do not use heavy-handed methods to train. Nor do we use e-collars for training purposes though we do use e-collars for safety purposes. We utilize our gun dog method of consistency, patience and repetition which produces dogs with a passion to find birds.

Birds make bird dogs, so we use live birds extensively in our training programs!

The various program levels are guidelines -
each dog's needs are different and maturity levels vary, which is the reason we believe in the need for adapting the program to the individual dog.

Please feel free to call and we'll discuss your dog's needs and  his individual program.

How Long Does it Take?

Generally, 4 to 8 weeks will handle most training programs, depending on the program level and the training required. Your dog will be worked every day of it's stay at our school, and we won't stretch out the training process over months and months just to pad the training time. Very rarely does it take more

than 2 months for a gun dog to achieve the desired goals.

 You will receive an evaluation of your dog's aptitude, abilities and any recommendations applicable

Puppy Program

Designed for puppies under 8 months of age.

Introduction to birds and cover, firearms and the hunting environment.

Beginner's Program

Designed for dogs approximately 8 months old and older.

Concentration on obedience, field and water work,
pointing and retrieving skills, introduction to gun and the e-collar.

Concentration on obedience, retrieving skills, field and water work.
Introduction to gun and the e-collar.

Intermediate Program

Emphasis is on steadiness, delivery of game, exposure to birds and water work.

 Advanced Program

Emphasis on field work, honoring, retrieving to hand, water work and exposure to birds.


Intensive field work will get your dog in shape and ready for those important days in the field.

gun dog training

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