Training Seminars on Quail

We specialize in these exclusive training seminars on wild quail in the Texas panhandle, not offered anywhere else.

 Held during hunting season so that your dog can participate in actual hunting conditions during the training seminar.

Your dog will be learning on WILD quail, not released or planted birds.

Training on WILD birds turns a dog
into a BIRD DOG!
GUN DOG TRAINING on Wild Quail in the Texas Panhandle

All Breeds Welcome!!

Wild Quail Seminars

Rate: $1995.00
(one person, one dog)

 3 full days of training and hunting
in the Texas Pan Handle.

Dates available:
January and February

These seminars are private - just you and your dog with the trainer!! Slots fill quickly so make your reservation early!!

Options available:
 Additional dog $400.00
Auditor without dog: $900.00
Spouse: $400.00

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