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August 6, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

I've had the pleasure of hunting with Bill Dillon and staying at
his lodge on several occasions.  I have always found Bill to be a
perfect gentleman, and he and his wife Kathy are very congenial
hosts -- offering comfortable accommodations and excellent meals.
I believe Bill to be an honest man, of impeccable character and
integrity, who does what he promises to do, and seeks to serve
his guest to the very best of his ability.

I would never hesitate to recommend Bill's guiding services or
lodge to anyone.  The most definitive proof of my satisfaction is
that I have booked again with Bill for this fall, and we'll be
taking some of our most important clients with us ... on a hunt
that I know -- because of Bill's people skills and pheasant
hunting expertise -- will be most enjoyable.

Dave Meisner, PDJ, and Crockett, one of our French Brittanys
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Posted in memory of a good friend
and fellow hunting and dog enthusiast that is missed very much. We all owe a debt of thanks for the contributions of Dave Meisner to the sporting dog world and to the sport of upland bird hunting.

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