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Dave Meisner (center) with Kathy and Bill Dillon at the Charity Hunt banquet, September 1997.

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     Dave was a true sportsman and dog enthusiast. A kind, considerate, caring and compassionate gentleman and a friend who will be sorely missed, not only by ourselves, but by his multitude of other friends, his family and his fellow sportsmen, dog lovers and his readers.
     Dave blazed some trails for this organization, and for French brittanys in general and we are truly thankful to him for it. His passing will leave a void and we will truly miss him, his friendship, and our hunts together. But whenever I see a South Dakota rise of five hundred or more pheasants, I'll always see Dave - with gun and camera frozen motionless at his side - standing in the prairie grass mesmerized and just watching the beauty and wonder of nature at its best.

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by Bill Dillon

Today I rise to snow covered ground
the smell of late fall and traveling ducks
with southbound moving sound.

The nip on my ears with my dog at my side
with gun cradled in my arm
here with God’s gifts I abide.

This experience I partake, I’ve been here before
with other friends I had laughter
in my heart memories soar.

We pass through this world not knowing
when our time will end.
The sharing of experiences the smiles of a friend.

You see I stand at this place and I’ve been here before
But my hunting buddy that stood with me
has taken the trek to the other shore.

The memories of flushing wing, the excitement of those sounds.
The laughter and joking
today I don’t hear anywhere around.

He’s not physically there, but in my heart he walks near.
The dog slams on point
my heart jumps with a cheer.

I wait to I walk in and remember other days.
Then that old rooster explodes
and I stand as he flies away.

There’s no more nip at ears, I feel warm all inside,
I know he’s watching and
for this moment we abide.

I thank you Dave for sharing so many times
the love of our dogs, the friendship
that will ever shine.

You did so much for others, and many will experience this day
Your passing is such a loss
but in our hearts you will ever stay.

So with the cackle of a rooster, the rise of a covey we shall see
the working of fine dogs
there with each of us you’ll be.

Thank you for being my friend, I’ll miss you.