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South Dakota has specific regulations when it comes to the transportation of upland birds harvested in this state. Once a bird is cleaned and frozen you can't tell a hen pheasant from a rooster and therefore a means of identification must remain (it is unlawful to harvest a wild hen pheasant in this state.) Therefore, the following requirements apply:

Pheasants & Grouse: must have at least one of the following attached: head, foot or fully feathered wing.

Waterfowl: must have an attached fully feathered wing or attached head.

All other game birds: must have attached either the head or a fully feathered wing.

When the head or wing is used for identification, it shall have sufficient plumage attached to allow for prompt identification of the game bird. When frozen, game birds shall be packaged in order to facilitate identification and count of species.

Persons with a valid license may carry or transport only their own lawfully possessed game birds as personal baggage.